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SYMALIT-PE cable protection conduits are equipped with a moulded coupling sleeve and guarantee safety and quality. Manufactured in Lenzburg according to VKR standard C+S.

Rigid elbows

Rigid elbows are available in various radiuses and angles.

Flexible elbows and pipes

Flexible elbows and cable protection conduits and elbows are a good solution if the direct laying of cables is not possible. They can be adapted to the individual installation scenario and ensure highest possible protection against the penetration of...

Longitudinal sealing pipes / repair solutions

Our patented SYMALIT longitudinal-sealing-pipe cable protection conduits and elbows are excellently suited for the subsequent protection of already laid cables. Stable connection sleeves and elbows and the easily operated slot-in sliding carriage are...

Moulded parts / Pipe tees

Double sleeves, end sleeves, reducers, adapters, spacers and various other moulded parts as well as universal and half-shell tees support the successful realization of any project.

Foundation pipes for lamp poles

Depending on the construction situation, SYMALIT foundation pipes are available in different designs. They significantly reduce installation time and costs.

Cable ducts / Cable terminator

SYM-Box cable ducts, ducts-system is modular and stack-able, profile class D400. SYMALIT cable terminator of polyamide are suitable for the installation of single and multi-conductor cables up to a diameter of 135 mm.


Our line of products includes inter alia electric welding machines, slot-in sliding carriages, multi-jacking heads, line feeder and calibration devices.

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