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Strategy and mission statement of MCAM Symalit AG

MCAM Symalit AG: Cable protection conduit systems guarantee safety and quality

MCAM Symalit AG, Lenzburg/Switzerland is the Swiss market leader in the production of cable protection conduits and moulded parts made of recycled and recyclable thermoplastics (mainly polyethylene). Since its foundation in 1952, Symalit is considered a pioneer in plastics. Already in 1956 it has produced the first cable protection conduits made of PE.

Product-based solutions


Today, the successfully operating company does not only produce an exceptionally broad product line of cable protection conduits, moulded parts and auxiliary products used in laying underground cables. Symalit is one of the few suppliers offering the customer the development of a tailor-made solution for each individual scenario on the basis of comprehensive consultation and technical support – down to the production of non-standardized moulded parts.
Be it tunnelling or the construction of embankment dams, industrial plants, the layout of a road or the new development of a building zone: The experts at Symalit provide the most economic and product-based package solution in close cooperation with the construction site when it comes to laying underground data or power cable across sometimes long distances.

Continuous optimization

MCAM Symalit AG continuously further develops its high-quality products to simplify demanding laying solutions of sometimes kilometres of piping trenches and to guarantee optimum protection of underground cables and cable looms. The focus in optimization is particularly on the extremely high resilience of protective conduits and on a very simple laying compatibility even in difficult terrain. Environmental protection has increasingly gained in importance too and is a top priority at Symalit – in the finished product as much as in manufacturing. SYMALIT cable protection conduits are halogen-free.

Safety and quality


Any and all Symalit products guarantee years of high operational safety. People and valuable infrastructures in public facilities, industrial plant, tunnels etc. are thereby reliably protected.
As a confirmation of the constantly high product quality, Symalit has a ISO 9001 compliant certified quality assurance system.