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Tailor made solutions

Custom-designed solutions on an individual basis

Every construction site is different. Every terrain requires a different cable-protection-conduits solution. This is why the Symalit team offers individual technical advice for every task – without red tape and a direct contact. Intensive dialogue with customers helps find the optimum solution that is adapted to the specific conditions of a certain location in every detail.

The basis for custom-designed concepts are years of know-how and an extraordinarily large range of products in cable protection conduits, moulded parts, suspension and mounting hardware etc.

Symalit can help even if a special solution is required despite the extensive product line. Because our company manufactures custom-designed moulded parts on request. Customisation according to customer specifications includes:

-          prefabrication of moulded parts

-          manufacturing of T-pieces, elbows and reducers to any design

-          manufacturing of non-standardized mouldet parts

Foundation pipes