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Quality / certified products



MCAM Symalit AG exclusively markets certified products with their characteristic high quality, longevity and environmentally friendliness. Symalit products guarantee a high operational safety for the protection of people and valuable infrastructures.

Since 1990, the company operates a certified quality assurance system that is compliant with the international standards for quality management and quality assurance. The quality management certificate according to SN EN ISO 9001:2015 covers the development, manufacturing and sale of pipes for use in the electric, communication and construction industry.

Products supplied by Symalit carry the C+S label as they meet all VKR Güteanforderungen (Association of Plastic Pipes and Pipe Components – Verband Kunststoff-Rohre und –Rohrleitungsteile – VKR). The "Quality Requirements for Cable Protection Conduits made of Polyethylene" species the minimum quality requirement for C + S certified cable protection conduits as regards laying, dimensions and tolerances as well as material composition and test methods. Permanent external quality control is ensured through similar-type component tests and an annual inspection by a recognized testing institute.

Since 2007 and on its own initiative, Symalit implements the EU chemical directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) in the company. As a downstream user, Symalit is not not subject to compulsory registration but requires compulsory registration from its suppliers and sub-suppliers and exclusively markets products in compliance with the REACH directive.